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What we did

The Client

OceanLED are a global marine lighting brand. Their products are the most widely distributed of their kind across the world.

For over 10 years, OceanLED have been revolutionary in igniting the marine LED market. Their brand caters to some of the most prestigious boat yards and builders and their global network of dealers only prove their industry recognition.

Ocean-Header OceanLED-Wireframes

The Brief

Our mission was to create a bespoke website that illustrated the quality of not only OceanLED’s product range, but also their five-star service. With such a visually striking product to show off, it was our task to shine a light on OceanLED.

OceanLED’s previous website was split into two mini-sites. One focussed on the Leisure & Fishing market, and the other focussed on Superyacht buyers. We analysed the behaviour of users across both sites so we could successfully integrate the content into one highly streamlined website that would appeal to all types of user and help them navigate more efficiently to the correct area of OceanLED.

Our discussions with the client led us to understand that while their product is the main appeal of the OceanLED brand, their service and experience is second-to-none and is the true value of choosing OceanLED over any competitors.

Ocean-Screens OceanLED-Colour2

The Solution

Throughout wireframing we made sure portions of the website were dedicated to telling the story of OceanLED, highlighting some of their points of service and showing off the power of their product range.

One key area of interest is the ‘colour-picker’ that appears on various pages throughout the website. This serves to show off the multi-colour options available on some of the lights. It allows the user a real-time representation of the product that gets the point across visually.

OceanLED have a diverse and ever-changing product range, so while it was imperative to make the site visually stunning, we also had to ensure that it was optimised to allow the client to create new product pages without compromise.

The page-builder we created within the CMS allows OceanLED to add customised sections to each product page, including anchor links that directed the user down pages that may be lengthier than others.

OceanLED-Phone OceanLed-Responsive

DotComm Award - Platinum

The Result

We are delighted to have launched the new OceanLED website and are working with them on more developments to their online presence, including a ‘configurator’ that will allow the user to demo their choice of lights on a digital representation of a yacht.

The OceanLED website was also a recipient of the Platinum Award at the DotComm awards.


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