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The Client

BMet is a further and higher education college that spans over 10 locations across Birmingham and the surrounding area. They enroll over 30,000 students of all ages every year across a variety of course types from A Level to University Level Courses with a student base ranging from 16 to adult. Their state-of-the-art facilities allow their students to achieve their educational goals, whatever they may be.

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The Brief

BMet’s existing website was starting to date, and was not working for them as far as application conversions were concerned. Our task was to create a new website for BMet that allowed applicants of all ages to have a simple and enjoyable process from research to enrolment. As well as front end design and development, it was also imperative that the online application system would integrate with BMet’s internal application system (Unit-e) from Capita.

BMet-04 BMet-05

The Solution

We started by smoothing out the website structure. After years of work on the previous site, their existing sitemap had started to become cluttered and extremely hard to navigate. Working closely with the core team at BMet, we restructured the site provide a simple, clear navigation that spanned across a wide range of different search avenues.

From that point it was time to begin the wire framing process, this allowed us to nail down a structure for the key pages such as the homepage, course search, course details and the all-important application process.

Wire framing allowed us to iron out any layout details at an early stage which gave us more time to focus on the interface further down the line.

One of the key areas on the homepage we wanted to include was a navigation tool for the courses. We deduced from an early stage that students chose their courses based on one of 3 things – 1. They knew what course they wanted to do, 2. They knew which location they wanted to study at or 3. They knew what career they wanted. Each of these search options was addressed early on in the homepage to funnel the user in the right direction within the course search page.

Once wireframes were signed off, we created a simple user interface that would be accessible for all ages of students and that worked with BMet’s recent rebrand. The designs we’re user tested, feedback was fed back into our design team and then we were able to move swiftly onto development.

BMet-06 BMet-07

The Result

Being the first people in the world to integrate with Capita’s Unit-E API, resulted in BMet being not only a technology leading website, but also an industry leading one. With such a focus on user experience and customer journeys that solved problems for its users, BMet was able to increase their visitors on site and in applications.


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