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Lay the foundation for world domination with our brand workshop exercises.

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Engaging Brand Workshop Exercises for Strategic Identity Development

Planning is key to any long-term success.

When planning a new website, digital campaign, marketing strategy, or design, it is important to understand what drives the business. To this end, we offer a one-of-a-kind branding workshop where a team of designers, account managers, digital experts, and content specialists work with you to create an in-depth document that can be used as an anchor point for any communications.

Brand workshops serve as fertile ground for shaping a company’s identity. Our tailored brand workshop exercises are designed to invigorate creativity, foster collaboration, and distill core values into a cohesive brand narrative. Through interactive activities like brand storyboarding, persona development, and value proposition mapping, we guide participants in exploring, defining, and refining your brand’s essence. These brand workshop exercises ignite discussions, align perspectives, and empower teams to craft a compelling brand identity that resonates with your audience and drives meaningful connections.

Brand Strategy Workshop

Elevate your brand with our immersive brand strategy workshop. Our brand strategy workshop is informative, insightful, and invigorating and often breathes new life into tired brands and tired minds. The aspects covered in our brand strategy workshop vary greatly from competitor analysis, brand identity, values, and market positioning to key brand pillars and target markets. What’s more, we’ll offer our insight, and our expert facilitators guide you through strategic exercises to uncover unique insights, fostering a solid foundation for your brand’s success. Transform your vision into a compelling brand strategy that resonates with your audience and sets you apart in the market.

Brand Architecture Workshop

Our Brand Architecture Workshop offers an immersive experience designed to refine and fortify your brand’s foundation. Tailored to suit your unique business needs, our brand architecture workshop is led by seasoned strategists who specialise in unveiling the intricate layers of your brand ecosystem. Through collaborative sessions and strategic exercises, we dissect your brand’s core elements, elucidate relationships between sub-brands, products, and services, and craft a cohesive framework that aligns with your overarching brand strategy. By exploring the interconnections and hierarchies within your brand, we empower you to make informed decisions that enhance brand coherence and resonance. Whether you’re looking to streamline your brand portfolio, reposition your offerings, or foster brand clarity, our brand architecture workshop provides the strategic insights necessary to fortify your brand architecture for long-term success.


Much like Rome, a brand isn’t built in a day so take your time and let us help you plan for years to come. At Fifteen, we have a crack team of digital and marketing experts ready and waiting to work with you and your team on a stellar brand strategy workshop that will shape your ambition as much as it shows us what makes you tick. Get in touch with us today.


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