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The Client

Seaton Partners are software providers who specialise in intelligent business applications for clients, helping them to manage and run their entire business more efficiently. Using Microsoft Dynamics 365, Seaton Partners implement applications that unify the capabilities of CRM business software with ERP systems.

The Ogre software is developed by Seaton Partners and provides the vehicle hire infrastructure industry with a comprehensive digital platform to help transform their business.


The Brief

Before being commissioned to design and develop a new website, we’d been working hard to come up with a unique brand name for the product. After much hard work and deliberation, we coined the very powerful brand name ‘Ogre’! We then commissioned to produce an eye-catching one-page website to showcase the Ogre software.

The website’s main objective was to sell the Ogre software in a visually entertaining style whilst ensuring all key USPs were featured.

Ogre-02 Ogre-Blink Ogre-05

The Solution

Designer Lucy couldn’t wait to get started with the challenge of bringing the Ogre brand to life. She did just that with the first visual in the hero area: the inclusion of the roving Ogre eye placed centre page and above fold. The rhetorical question posed to the user, ‘Need to keep an eye on your assets? Send in the Ogre’, also enticed the user right into the website. The Ogre eye was animated during development and it follows the animated vehicles driving below whilst reacting to the user’s cursor as they scroll and click.

Using the vivid orange in contrast with the dark grey, we were able to showcase content to full effect. From simple iconography to bullet lists and product visuals, we wanted to ensure we’d created a real ‘site’ for sore eyes.

Through clever use of the brand guidelines and animation during development, we were able to maintain user engagement at every step of the user’s scroll. From the initial Ogre eye, to the final call to action message encased in the Ogre’s hand, we wanted to ensure we’d produced a visually thrilling marketing tool for the Ogre product.

Ogre-04 Ogre-03 Ogre-01

The Result

The website was launched in good time for Seaton Partner’s launch campaign for the Ogre product. In addition to the website, we were also commissioned to produce print merchandise for the event. This consisted of Ogre themed t-shirts, mugs and pens. Overall our client was extremely happy with the finished website and merchandise and we were pleased to have created a rather iconic brand for Seaton Partner’s new software. We always like to keep an eye on the latest trends in design and development and this project really showcases the creativity behind our very talented team.


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